Michela Matteoli
Professore Ordinario
Responsabile del Corso di Neuropsicofarmacologia per Laurea Magistrale in Biotecnologie Mediche e Medicina Molecolare (indirizzo Neuroscienze);
Responsabile del Corso di Farmacologia per Educatori Professionali;
Responsabile del modulo di Neuropsicofarmacologia - Corso di Farmacologia per Medicina e Chirurgia (sede S.Donato);
Coordinatore del Corso di laurea in Educazione Professionale (sede Don Gnocchi);
Membro del Consiglio dei Docenti della Scuola di SpecialitÓ in Farmacologia Chemioterapia e Tossicologia Medica;
Membro del Consiglio dei Docenti della Scuola di Dottorato in Farmacologia Chemioterapia e Tossicologia Medica.
Research lines
Michela Matteoli
Claudia Verderio, CNR Researcher
Elisabetta Menna, Postdoctoral Fellow
Davide Pozzi, Postdoctoral Fellow
Steven Condliffe, Postdoctoral Fellow
Cinzia Cagnoli, Postdoctoral Fellow
Fabio Bianco, Postdoctoral Fellow
Molecular and cellular mechanisms of synapse formation and function
Our laboratory has actively contributed in defining the main events occurring during synaptogenesis between hippocampal cultures (Matteoli et al., TICB 2004). The process of synaptogenesis between neurons is investigated in primary cultures of embryonic hippocampal neurons.
Cell-to-cell communication in brain
Glial cells are the most abundant cell population in the CNS. They actively interact with neuronal cells and play a crucial role in controlling synaptogenesis and modulating fully working synaptic networks, as well as in synaptic plasticity phenomena.
Primary culturing of neurons, astrocytes, microglia (pure or in combination).
Confocal microscopy.
Basic biochemistry tecnhiques, cell fractionation, immunoisolation of vesicles.
Single cell calcium imaging.
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Prof. Pietro De Camilli, HHMI and Dept of Cell Biology, Yale School of Medicine.
Dr. George Augustine, Duke University.
Dr. Thierry Galli, INSERM, Paris.
Prof. Fabio Benfenati, UniversitÓ di Genova.
Dr. Yael Stern Bach, Hebrew University Medical School.
Dr. Giorgio Scita, IFOM, Milano.
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